Workers at the Uljanik shipyard (Photo: Dusko Marusic/PIXSELL) Workers at the Uljanik shipyard (Photo: Dusko Marusic/PIXSELL)

The court found that there are justifiable reasons to initiate bankruptcy or a permanent inability to pay, however during the procedure planned business with Finnish and Italian partners can be conducted. Later in the day the court also declared bankruptcy for the Uljanik Mechanical Engineering Diesel Company.

The Uljanik Mechanical Engineering Diesel Company employs around 150 people while Uljanik TESU employs around 65. Union representative and member of the Uljanik TESU oversight board Đino Šverko did not hide his dissatisfaction and once again called upon those responsible to take action and to communicate sincerely.

“We hope that TESU will survive the bankruptcy, but an extension could have been given when it was also given to other troubled companies within the group,” said Đino Šverko from the Croatian Metal Workers Union.

Source: HRT