Uljanik (Photo: Dusko Marusic/PIXSELL) Uljanik (Photo: Dusko Marusic/PIXSELL)

Workers are at odds with business magnate Danko Končar who was picked as Uljanik's strategic partner earlier this year. They say that if Končar is truly serious about investing in the business, he needs to step up.

"Our demands are not megalomaniacal, but we do expect to receive the rest of our salaries for September - we did receive the minimum. This would avert the strike, but if we don't get paid, I'm afraid we will launch a general strike on Monday, which is likely to sink the company. If the ministry, the government, and the strategic partner truly care about Uljanik, they must find around 20 million to cover the rest of our salaries for September," said union leader Đino Šverko.

Croatia's government has stepped in twice to assist Uljanik in making payroll. The last time it worked out a deal to provide two-months minimum salaries for the group's workers. Meanwhile, another bailout is strictly by the EU's competition laws and would undoubtedly draw the wrath of the European Commission.

Meanwhile, Economy Minister Darko Horvat confirmed on Thursday that the Uljanik Group's new board had presented him with a new restructuring plan. It envisages a strategic partner and the government split the costs of restructuring 50/50; with the state having to put up around 660 million euros. However, Horvat said it was unclear if Uljanik had a strategic partner that was financially capable of carrying out its half of the bargain.

Source: HRT