Hrvoje Zekanović (Photo: HRT) Hrvoje Zekanović (Photo: HRT)

The party said that they condemn the recent actions of Ivan Đakić who posted an inappropriate photo on his Facebook page with a text wishing a Merry Christmas to all Serbs, but they added that hate speech in the Serbian weekly Novosti, which Zekanović reminded is financed by the government, is also intolerable

“A picture of the late president Tuđman with a cut off partisan head in his hands has been published. Meaning this is not satire, this is hate speech. I pose the question to Mr. Pupovac, to comment on hate speech in the Novosti magazine in the same manner that he commented hate speech from the side of Mr. Đakic,” said the HRAST Member of Parliament, Hrvoje Zekanović.

Source: HRT