(Photo. Dino Stanin/PIXSELL) (Photo. Dino Stanin/PIXSELL)

The central ceremony on Saturday was held in the neighborhood of Dračevac, where in 1991 Croatian defenders stopped and destroyed the occupying forces, forcing the remaining units to withdraw. Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, together with seven cabinet ministers, attended the ceremony. Retired General Ante Gotovina was also in attendance in Dračevac.

"We recall that time 28 years ago when we all lived together in uncertainty. This is a time for us to remember those young men who gave their lives. Let us remember those children, women and old people who perished. Let us remember all the tragedies that war brings. These are the foundations of our statehood, and on that basis we live a safe and free life today. We must preserve these foundations, and it is the responsibility of our national security system to do so," Gotovina said.

Asked how strong his emotions were on this day, Gotovina said: "It's good to have emotions, but we need to be reasonable, we must maintain our emotional intelligence and be socially sensitive. This is something we need to think about every day. We need to build a society that accepts everyone. We also need to worry about our economy because, in reality, only a wealthy nation can be socially just. That is something we should strive for," Gotovina concluded.

 Source: HRT