Mila Rončević (Photo: Facebook) Mila Rončević (Photo: Facebook)

The experimental treatment, costing nearly three-million USD, is only available in the United States at the Philadelphia Children's Hospital. Humanitarian actions, like the one held on Sunday in Rijeka, have helped to gather just over half the money needed.

Mila and her parents are set to depart for Philadelphia on Tuesday, as efforts continue to raise the necessary funds. Croatian pediatrician and former Health Minister Dragan Primorac, the Chair of the International Affairs Committee of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, has personally taken up the cause and is in continual contact with doctors at the Philadelphia Children's Hospital.

Dr. Primorac said geneticists at the St. Catherine's Special Hospital in Zagreb were analyzing 25 of Mila's genes in order to help her avoid negative side effects from the 350 different potential medicines she needs.

"Everyone would send their children to that hospital (in Philadelphia) if there was a chance to save their lives. I am sure the Rončević family is aware of this. At the same time, we need to send a message to our Croatian healthcare system that all children should have the chance to get the best possible care," said renowned Croatian scientist Ivan Đikić.

More information can be found on the Life for Mila website (

Source: HRT