Workers at the Uljanik shipyard (Archive photo: Dusko Marusic/PIXSELL) Workers at the Uljanik shipyard (Archive photo: Dusko Marusic/PIXSELL)

Namely, the strike committee is satisfied with a recent meeting between the Economy Minister and Uljanik representatives who promised them that their salaries for September will be paid at the beginning of next week and money will be secured for payment of October salaries. In the meantime ship owners yesterday expressed readiness to pay advances.

Furthermore the contours of the new restructuring plan received a green light. The management is completing it and mid next week it should be delivered to the responsible ministries for consideration.

Meanwhile workers at the 3rd of May shipyard are on the 18th day of their strike. They have demanded an urgent meeting with Uljanik CEO Emil Burić. At the invitation of the strike committee, they are being visited today by assistant economy minister Zvonimir Novak.

Speaking in Opatija, Novak said he will not bring them news regarding their salaries because the government will no longer get involved. “I am going there because the unions simply asked us to come. In this or that manner the Croatian government has already secured 8 or 9 salaries for the entire group through guarantees. Our hands are tied at this moment, we have no more legitimate instruments, considering the fact that this entire process is being conducted under monitoring by the European Commission. This means that until the restructuring program isn't approved, the Croatian government is not allowed to intervene in the group anymore.

Source: HRT