Former police chief Želko Dolački (Photo: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL) Former police chief Želko Dolački (Photo: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL)

The County Court in Zagreb found Želko Dolački guilty of stealing 640,000 kuna and 290,000 euros in cash and some gold that was being held in a safe at the Zagreb police station where he was chief in 2016. The money and gold have never been found.

“Police have received the court order and are taking action pursuant to the order,” police spokesperson Marina Mandić told Hina.

Police have released few details related to the case, but it has been reported that the warrant was issued after Dolački was not found at any of his known addresses after he failed to show up in court. Police contacted the judge, who gave the order to issue an arrest warrant.

“The warrant is published in the police bulletin system and all police stations across the country immediately have access to this information. It is up to them to locate Željko Dolački, arrest him, and deliver him to jail in Zagreb,” said Zagreb County Court spokesperson Krešimir Devčić.

If authorities are unable to locate Dolački in Croatia, and there is reason to believe he may have fled across the border, they could issue an international warrant for his arrest through Interpol, Devčić said, adding that there is also the option of a European Arrest Warrant.

Defense attorneys Veljko Miljević and Davor Cahun said on Wednesday that they did not know where their client was.

“I saw him on Monday and we had a long conversation. I received a call yesterday. We talked and he was told about the verdict. There was no indication that he might flee or that he was preparing to do so. This comes as a surprise. However, he was expecting to be exonerated,” Miljević told N1 television.

Cahun said he had not heard from his client since Tuesday morning and did not know where he was.