(Photo: Dubravka Petric/PIXSELL) (Photo: Dubravka Petric/PIXSELL)

After today's ceremonies, War Veterans' Minister Tomo Medved said that the way of living and ideals promoted by Major General Blago Zadro and how he had seen Croatia could also be applied today.

"It is very important to promote the truth about the generations and people such as Major General Blago Zadro," Medved said, praising Zadro for his patriotism.

Defence Minister Mario Banožić said that the readiness of Blago Zadro to take over responsibility and organise the defence of Vukovar should be the guiding principle for the present-day generation.

Banožić said that the struggle that was necessary for the establishment of the sovereign Croatian state motivated all in the current government to do their job well and honourably.

Blago Zadro, born in 1944 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is celebrated as one of the greatest heroes of the 1991-1995 Homeland War. He was killed in an attack by Serb forces on October 16, 1991 in Vukovar's neighbourhood of Borovo Naselje, where he commanded defence forces.

Source: HINA