Tomislav Josić (Photo: HRT) Tomislav Josić (Photo: HRT)

In the first instance ruling in 2016 Marijan Živković was acquitted, however the State Attorney's Office appealed the ruling. Homeland War veterans protested outside the district court today carrying banners.

“I feel sad and miserable. Miserable because I don't have my children and miserable because it is a disgrace that it has come to me sitting on the defendant's bench,” said Živković.

“This is sad. They acquitted the man and in the end it looks like they have to convict him. It is unclear to me, if the court chooses a court expert, how can it not recognize the opinion of the expert? The Croatian state will convict everyone who breaks a plaque in Cyrillic script before those that killed in 1991,” said Tomislav Josić Speaking in the name of the Council for Vukovar City Veterans.

Source: HRT