Vaccination in Dubrovnik (Photo: HRT) Vaccination in Dubrovnik (Photo: HRT)

The negative trend among citizens opting against vaccination elicited a comment from Health Minister Vili Beroš at Thursday’s cabinet session: “The danger posed by the coronavirus, a deadly virus, is real. I have to tell you that right now the case fatality rate in Croatia is 2.5 percent, which means that going forward one out of every 45 people infected with the virus will die. So, the 6 185 deaths that have been reported up until today is an extremely large number, and it cannot be compared to the miniscule numbers arising from side effects to the vaccine.”

Beroš added that as of yesterday, Croatia has administered 533 409 doses of the vaccine to 432 601 citizens: “A total of 657 385 Covid-19 vaccine doses have arrived in Croatia to date; while 533 409 have been administered - or 81 percent of the vaccine doses. Furthermore, yesterday we received confirmation that the first 7 150 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will arrive on April 14th.”

Many citizens are worried about possible side-effects the vaccines may have including the now well documented issue of blood clotting that has been connected to the AstraZeneca vaccine. As a result more and more countries in the European Union are restricting the use of AstraZeneca for some age groups. European officials have noted that these kinds of disruptions lead not only to problems in national vaccination programs but also to distrust among citizens.

Source: HRT