Vilim Ribić (Photo: Davorin Visnjic/PIXSELL) Vilim Ribić (Photo: Davorin Visnjic/PIXSELL)

On Monday teachers will strike in the entire country while unions have announced the possibility of protests every day next week at St, Mark's square where the parliament and government buildings are located.

The unions symbolically held a news conference in Zagreb today in front of the Museum of Broken Relationships.

“For now all connections between the Croatian government and unions on strike have been severed. Connections between us now only exist over the air, meaning over the air the government tells us their ideas and we can evidently only respond through you, because for now social dialog functions in that manner. What we don't want to happen and we think it would be bad for Croatia, is for these two unions and the Croatian government to become an exhibit in this museum,” Union representative Branimir Mihalinec told reporters in front of the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb.

“Our demands have not been met, the Croatian government has not met the demands of the two biggest education unions in the Republic of Croatia. So the only logical thing to follow is a continuation of the strike,” said Union representative Sanja Šprem.

A strike has been announced in higher education is a settlement is not reached. Vilim Ribić, the head of the Independent and Higher Education Union, said that the strike will begin on October 24th and it will encompass all public institutions and other legal entities in the fields of science and higher education whose salaries are secured through the state budget. He added that the strike will last until demands are met or the union decides otherwise.

Source: HRT