Minister of Health Milan Kujundžić (Photo: HRT) Minister of Health Milan Kujundžić (Photo: HRT)

After an agreement had previously been initialled and then consequently fell through, and unsuccessful negotiations were held this summer, unions and Minister Milan Kujundžić have possibly come to an agreement. Salaries will be increased by 7% as was previously agreed - a 3% linear increase and a 4% increase on supplements for responsibility.

“This 7% is not any kind of equal distribution. This so called 7% is allocated according to responsibility, complexity of work, risk of exposure to infection, risk of exposure to radiation. In no case does this fit into the unions' outline of equal distribution as seen in other professions,” said Minister Kujundžić. .

“We insist that as of September 1st, 7% be implemented, not what was previously said, 3 plus 4 - as of October 1st 4% and as of August 1st 3%. We were cheated and don't believe that this will be resolved. Our protests will continue and if this is not resolved we know what happens next week,” said Stjepan Topolnjak from the Union of Health and Social Welfare.

The increase should cost the country 400 million kuna. However unions that have been advocating the increase from the start are not satisfied.

“Of course they won't be satisfied, we are also not satisfied, and this is a compromise of compromises. People are not satisfied they were even demanding and expecting 20%,” said Anica Prašnjak from the Nurses' Union.

Depending on the complexity of their work, health care workers should see a monthly salary increase of between 300 and 600 kuna. The government cabinet still has to approve the agreement and then union bodies must do the same.

Source: HRT