New vaccination stations in Zagreb have been prepared (Photo: HRT) New vaccination stations in Zagreb have been prepared (Photo: HRT)

Yesterday around 4,200 people were tested for the coronavirus and around eight percent tested positive. Only a week ago that ratio was four percent higher.

“We don't have those big jumps but it is holding. Namely that number is not small at all. Hospitals are still full of patients, and a fair number of people are dying,” said Stipan Jonjić from the Medical Faculty in Rijeka.

In the last 24 hours 36 more infected people have died, less than a week ago when 51 people died. However there is still great pressure on hospitals in which 2,247 infected people are being treated. 

Due to a better epidemiological situation, Primorje - Gorski Kotar County has additionally relaxed measures as of today; gyms, cinemas and theatres have opened, while stores can work until 10pm. In order to visit homes for the elderly a negative PCR test is no longer required. At the same time elementary school students are returning to classes as well as students in final grades of secondary schools and those graduating this year.

“The characteristic of all of these previous weeks is a mild, and now we can say moderately intensive, decline in the epidemic wave,” said the Head County Epidemiologist Dobrica Rončević.

“We have to be optimistic considering the quantity of vaccines that are now coming. That will now be an average of between 12,000 to 14,000 doses per week,” said the Director of the Teaching Institute for Public Health in Primorje - Gorski Kotar County, Vladimir Mićović.

In Zagreb as of tomorrow new vaccination stations will begin working.

“They will each contribute to us reaching that 10,000 or more people vaccinated per day,” said the director of the West Zagreb Health Centre, Miroslav Hanževački.

Until now more than 708,000 people have been vaccinated in Croatia.

Source: HRT