Coronavirus vaccination (Photo: Dusko Jaramaz/Pixsell) Coronavirus vaccination (Photo: Dusko Jaramaz/Pixsell)

The highest incidence of coronavirus is in Split-Dalmatia County, the lowest in Istria.

“In Europe, we are currently in third place in terms of incidence, only Finland and Denmark have a lower rate, all other countries have a higher incidence,” said the Director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health Krunoslav Capak.

Capak added that the current portion of positive test results among the total tested is 5.5% and we are in the middle of the rankings of European Union countries.

So far, eleven cases of British strain have been confirmed in Croatia.

“What I should say, and that is completely new, is that Croatia or the Croatian Institute of Public Health, has introduced screening tests for new strains. Yesterday we tested 17 samples of which we have 10 suspicions, these are not confirmations but suspicions of a new variant of the virus and we have sent all of the samples to a colleague at the clinic for confirmation,” said Capak.

Another 23,400 doses of the Pfizer vaccine will arrive in Croatia next week, Moderna will send another 16,800 doses on the 25th of this month. We expect 52,600 doses from AstraZeneca, so by the end of March this will come to a total of just over 700,000 doses of the vaccine. If suppliers do not adhere to agreements, Croatia, like some other countries, will explore other possibilities. Minister of Health Vili Beroš reiterated that the Croatian agency can intervene and approve the import of vaccines that have not been approved by the European Agency.

“Everything that is untested and cannot be tested with certain procedures will not be considered, so we have to be careful, but naturally, precisely because of this possibility you mentioned, we have turned to certain other situations and found options for realization;” said Beroš.

So far, about 93,000 people have been vaccinated in Croatia, of which almost 57,000 twice. As of yesterday, 832 vaccine side effects have been reported, the most regarding the Pfizer vaccine - 781, and the least regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine - 18. According to Vili Beroš, vaccinations ahead of turn are also being investigated, so far 92 percent of health care institutions have submitted reports.

“A line-up can perhaps be formed when you buy cream and cheese, however when vaccination is in question, there cannot be such a line-up. Once again I will thank the Croatian Institute of Public Health that drew up a plan for introduction, implementation and monitoring vaccination against Covid-19 in the Republic of Croatia that clearly listed priority groups,” said Beroš.

While the Minister claims that there is no line-up for vaccination, there is information that the head of the Dubrovnik Hospital, Mario Bekić, vaccinated some members of his family. In his explanation he wrote that he vaccinated them with vaccine that was left over, and given that at the time the procedure of what to do with surplus vaccine was not regulated, he was under pressure from the public to use it.

Source: HRT