(Photo: Dusko Jaramaz/PIXSELL) (Photo: Dusko Jaramaz/PIXSELL)

Mrsić used the opportunity to call on left-leaning parties to oppose the potential move and support a wider like-minded platform for a more modern and open Croatia.

"Zoran Milanović's victory shows best what left-wing parties should do to win parliamentary elections. We should come together and work together to remove from the HDZ from power," Mrsić said.

The Democrats believe that the SDP has not recognised the importance of rallying left-wing opposition parties, while offering cooperation to the HDZ and Andrej Plenković, thus creating conditions for a post-election coalition with the HDZ.

"Participating in the elections together is the only way to prevent a grand coalition between the HDZ and SDP and the continuation of the plunder of Croatia," said the party.

The party called on left and centre-left parties to rally around a program for a modern and open Croatia where competence and hard work rather than party membership would be the recipe for success.

For his part, SDP lawmaker Domagoj Hajduković said "never under any circumstances will there ever be a grand coalition."

Source: HINA