Molecular biologist Miroslav Radman (Photo: HRT) Molecular biologist Miroslav Radman (Photo: HRT)

Radman, who has done extensive research in the field of molecular genetics, spoke about the pandemic and addressed the issue of the search for a vaccine.

“As a geneticist, given the biology of SARS-CoV-2, whose biology is similar to that of the HIV virus, I say that we may never find an effective vaccine,” Radman said, adding that he was willing to take the unpopular view point, knowing that he may be wrong.

“I'm not afraid to say something else, this is the view of a geneticist, not an immunologist. No one has expressed this view yet, so I thought it was my duty to present it, even though I may be wrong,” he said.

He underscored that 40 years on, there is still not vaccine for HIV, but there are effective therapies, which may also happen with Covid-19.

Radman believes the virus has become less deadly since the first wave of infections earlier this year. He reasons that viruses are driven to mutate to avoid being annihilated by the immune system. These many changes bring it closer to what he calls a “genetic cliff”, from which it eventually must fall and self-destruct, Radman explains. He believes that if we were to push the virus closer to the cliff, we may bring about its demise more quickly.