The Bourbon Rhode went down last Thursday after nearing the eye of a category 4 hurricane (Photo: HRT) The Bourbon Rhode went down last Thursday after nearing the eye of a category 4 hurricane (Photo: HRT)

Dino Miškić and his crew were caught in a shipwreck in the Atlantic Ocean last week. Following an appeal for assistance to Croatian authorities by the Miškić family after learning the search had been called off, the President sent a letter to French President Emanuel Macron urging French authorities in Martinique to reconsider the decision and resume the search for the missing crew of the Bourbon Rhode.

“It is a very brief letter asking that they reconsider the decision that’s been made. It was sent last night, so it is too early for a response,” the President told reporters today.

Eight crew from the tugboat are still missing, while three were rescued and four confirmed dead.

Besides the Miškić family, the Croatian Seafarers Union is also asking Croatian authorities to pressure the French vessel owner to at least keep the search going for a few more days. The ship went down on September 26, but some experts said people can survive for quite some time on life rafts, which were not found in the search for the crew of the Bourbon Rhode.

Croatian officials have said they want to help, but are underscoring that the search effort had been extensive before it was called off on Saturday.

“We haven't seen a search of these proportions in the last 20 years. All commercial vessels and aircraft in the area have been instructed to keep an eye out. In a way, the search is continuing. So, not all of the options have been exhausted," said Foreign and European Affairs Minister Gordan Grlić Radman.

“We empathize with the family and understand their position. We are doing all that we can to help in this matter,” said Interior Minister Davor Božinović.

Friends of Dino Miškić have launched a petition on Facebook also calling for the search to resume, which had been signed by 27 thousand people by Sunday afternoon.