Minister of Labor and the Pension System Josip Aladrovic (Photo: HRT) Minister of Labor and the Pension System Josip Aladrovic (Photo: HRT)

Minister of Labor and the Pension System Josip Aladrović confirmed that an agreement had been reached with civil servants.

“They overwhelmingly accepted the proposal that we communicated earlier, as far as the suspension of payments is concerned it will be 2% + 2% this year. We have worked out a bit more regarding vacation pays. We have taken the position that we will still, as we have paid it so far, pay 1,500 kuna to the accounts of citizens. We didn’t go for the CRO card option because we got the impression that union members weren’t happy with the idea. Here we have shown once again that we have conducted negotiations in good faith and that we want to fulfill all that is possible, towards all those who have taken the main role in society during this crisis,” said Aladrović.

After the negotiations, Renata Čulinović-Čaić, the president of the Croatian Medical Union, said most unions had said they would accept the supplement and that those who have made the decision are now initialing it.

“We have stated that we do not accept such an amendment. There are also the Croatian Medical Union, the Croatian Professional Trade Union of Nurses, the Independent Trade Union of Health and Social Welfare, the Preporod Trade Union, and civil servants and the social welfare unions,” said Čulinović-Čaić. “We, after everything we went through in this crisis and epidemic, cannot accept any kind of revocation of rights that were previously agreed to," she added.

Education and civil services unions accepted the Government's proposal to supplement the basic collective agreement.

“Five public service unions, which gather a total of 55 percent of all members working in public services, accepted the Government's offer to amend two basic collective agreements,” said the president of the Independent Trade Union of Croatian Secondary School Employees Branimir Mihalinec when speaking with reporters.

Branimir Mihalinec (Photo: HRT)

“The only thing that employees in public services have sacrificed at this time, something that our members accepted, is that there will be no increase in the base salary at this moment when salaries are dropping for everyone in the entire country. However the base salary will be increased in 2021 as we had agreed," added Mihalinec.

The president of the Croatian Teachers' Union, Sanja Šprem, reported that 761 branches participated in the survey of her union, and 88 percent of members said they accepted the Government's offer, while 11 percent were against.

It was announced that the continuation of negotiations is planned through three separate meetings - with representatives of public service unions, with representatives of unions in science and higher education, teachers and employees in secondary schools and with representatives of civil services.

Prior to the meeting, Vilim Ribić, the president of the Science and Higher Education Union, said it was obvious "that some leaders had a misunderstanding of the circumstances and other leaders failed to communicate it with their people because there was not enough time".

Vilim Ribić (Photo: HRT)

Željko Stipić, the president of the Preporod trade union, said that prior to the negotiations, members of his union voted 74.54% to refuse to accept the suspension of a 2% salary increase in June and 2% in October, as well as the payment of this year's vacation pay via the CRO card.

Minister Aladrović emphasized that negotiations with civil servants will continue on Friday, and that he expects them to end in the same way as with the public service unions.

Source: HRT