(Photo: Nikola Cutuk/PIXSELL) (Photo: Nikola Cutuk/PIXSELL)

Showing the footage publicly for the first time at a news conference on Saturday, Chief Police Director Nikola Milina said the attack had been classified as attempted aggravated murder of three police officers with elements of a terrorist attack. One of the officers was wounded but is recovering.

The video shows the assailant walking calmly into the square then quickly raising his weapon. Another man is seen fleeing behind a vehicle as he sees the gunman pointing his weapon at the police officer standing guard in front of the main entrance to the Government Building. The gunman fires several shots, one or more officers return fire, and the shooter runs off in the direction from which he came.  The gunman later took his own life at a different location. Investigators are trying to piece together how it happened and what motivated the shooter, Danijel Bezuk.

“Police have worked out a detailed, but not complete, timeline of the man’s movements. However, we still have to check and review more information, so I cannot give any details,” Milina said. He could not confirm whether Bezuk had indended to enter the Government Building.

So far, investigators believe the attack could be characterized as an act of terrorism. Police found a cache of weapons at Bezuk's home. They are also looking for other people who may have been involved.

“Just today, we detained one person in Sisak-Moslavina County, who we can connect to the events on St. Mark's Square. The person is in custody and is being questioned by the Sisak Municipal State Attorney,” Milina said.

Milina added that since the shooting on October, eighty-three people had come in to voluntary surrender unregistered weapons. Police have also seized 16 automatic and semi-automatic weapons and other firearms since Monday.

Milina also said he had video-conferenced with police chiefs around the country telling them to pay close attention to red-flag behavior in their communities to prevent actions by individuals who may try to copy-cat the shooter.

Two men were arrested for making threats against the Prime Minister. A man in Zagreb was questioned and remanded to custody for making a death threat on social media on October 14. Police in Kutina arrested another man who allegedly said the St. Mark's Square shooter had wanted to assassinate the prime minister and that he fantasized about doing the same.

“State attorneys in Zagreb will continue to work in cooperation with the Zagreb Police Department in relation to other persons and events that may be related to this event,” said County State's Attorney Jurica Ilić.

Since the incident, security in St. Mark’s Square and around the Prime Minister and President has been stepped up.