(Photo: HRT) (Photo: HRT)

Since because of the current situation a certain number of foreigners on short stay are not able to leave Croatia for objective reasons within the time frame defined by the Law on Schengen Borders, the police have, in accordance with recommendations from epidemiologists, called upon all foreign citizens to send their information to them in order to be registered.

“In order to be registered, we advise all foreign citizens that have found themselves in such a situation to, firstly through email pitanja@mup.hr or by telephone at the number found on the website of the responsible police department, send their information so that they may avoid any problems at border crossings when leaving the Republic of Croatia,” said the Police Directorate.

The directorate instructed foreign citizens to not personally come in to police departments or stations and to do so only in cases when a police official instructs them to over the telephone.

Source: HRT