Prime Minister Andrej Plenković (Photo: Igor Kralj/PIXSELL) Prime Minister Andrej Plenković (Photo: Igor Kralj/PIXSELL)

Currently there are 1 992 people receiving treatment in hospital, while 2 522 people have achieved a full recovery over the past 24 hours. 43 265 people are in self-isolation.

Commenting the latest COVID-19 numbers, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said that the existing measures had succeeded in stabilizing the rate of new infections, but that the situation remains serious and that for this reason new, more targeted measures will be introduced: “We are listening to the experts and the numerous scientists that are helping us in this process. I think that up until now we have adopted measures that have been adequate and commensurate given the situation, and I believe that the measures that will be adopted now, will contribute to reducing new infections.”

Since the beginning of the outbreak in Croatia, on February 25th, 96 837 coronavirus cases have been recorded, with 77 387 having achieved a full recovery. So far 657 872 people have been tested.

Source: HRT