(Photo: HRT) (Photo: HRT)

Due to the new and unexpected circumstances of the global coronavirus pandemic, the Croatian presidency had to radically change and adapt its program to instead focus on the health and safety of European citizens.

"Despite these challenges, we actually achieved quite a lot. For us, one of the priorities was to put into focus our immediate neighbourhood, the region of the Western Balkans. And one of the big achievements was to completely change the political situation vis-a-vis the enlargement that existed back in October 2019. We enabled the consensus at the level of the Council to open the accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania," said Plenković.

The Croatian mandate was based on the four priorities of development, connectivity, protection, and European Global influence, and was united in the motto 'A Strong Europe in a World of Challenges'. This, the government stressed at the beginning of the year, encapsulated the vision of a Europe acting for the benefit of its Member States and citizens.

Source: HRT