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Plenković added that Croatia could be satisfied with the summer tourist season, so far, given the circumstances. He said that the results seemed better than expected, considering the projections made a few months ago.

As for a resurgence of new cases over recent days, Plenković echoed the sentiment of other top government and health authorities by saying that a rise in cases had been expected, given the higher number of people staying in the country.

"We have appealed all the time, for responsible behaviour, particularly among young people, and for keeping a distance. This obviously has not been observed in nightclubs," the prime minister said in his comment on indications that a majority of the newly diagnosed patients are young people.

Asked how the remainder of the tourist season would pan out - in light of warnings from Austria, Italy, and Slovenia concerning returnees from Croatia - Plenković said he was in contact with his counterparts from those countries regarding the epidemiological situation.

Those countries look at the issue through their statistical figures, they have their scales, they count how many of those who have returned from holidays abroad are infected. Having in mind the fact that their school year starts on 1 September, they are afraid of the spread of the infection in schools, the prime minister said.

Source: HRT