Vukovar Mayor Ivan Penava (Photo: HRT) Vukovar Mayor Ivan Penava (Photo: HRT)

Only last year was an expert team founded at the Ministry of Interior to deal with war crimes at Ovčara and steps taken in processing war crimes have been very small, said one of the participants, Vukovar Mayor Ivan Penava.

“What all of us, or at least most of us, think about where crimes committed at Ovačara are concerned, but also crimes committed in the entire area of the city of Vukovar in 1991, is that they have been avoided from the side of Croatia's official institutions. Not only judicial institutions that investigate war crimes, but I would even say where issues of relations with the Republic of Serbia are concerned, which it can be seen very clearly has not faced the truth and reality and its responsibility for wars it started in the 90's, for what took place in the area of Vukovar and all of the Republic of Croatia, especially at Ovčara,” said Penava.

Source: HRT