(Photo: Josip Regovic/PIXSELL) (Photo: Josip Regovic/PIXSELL)

Participating in a commemoration at Zagreb's Mirogoj cemetery on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jandroković condemned the Ustasha regime but said that he did not think those wearing insignia at anniversaries and commemorations with the controversial solute, "For the homeland ready", supported the Ustasha regime.

"Those who associate those insignia used in the Homeland War with the Independent State of Croatia are wrong and we should penalise that. One should distinguish between the glorification of the Independent State of Croatia and the insignia of a unit that participated in the Homeland War. Commemorations for young people who died defending this country and who wore those insignia during the war are not about the glorification of the Second World War, but about paying respect to their sacrifice," said Jandroković.

On the other hand, he agreed that any form of glorification of the Ustasha regime should be legally regulated and banned.

"This is a sensitive issue and it would be good if a consensus was reached on the matter," he said, adding that the recommendation by the Council for dealing with the consequences of undemocratic regime was a good basis for that.

Source: HRT