(Photo montage: HRT/Reuters/PIXSELL) (Photo montage: HRT/Reuters/PIXSELL)

Of a total of 2,246 confirmed cases, 2,077 have recovered.  In the last 24 hours 290 people have been tested.

However Bernard Kaić from the Croatian Institute of Public health has said that regardless of the favorable situation, epidemiologists are not sure how much summer weather will prevent the spread of the virus.

“We would make the biggest mistake if this happened and we behaved in too relaxed of a manner, and the circulation of the virus among the population began again, which is not that bad if it happens among younger people, but if with enough circulation the virus entered homes for the elderly and hospitals again, it could cause a big number of infected, complications and deaths,” said Kaić.

Daniela Krstulović Marasović from the Clinical Hospital Centre in Split has said that this week the hospital is returning to work as it was before the pandemic.

 The intensive respirator centre on Križine has halted work and all people transferred from the Firule have been returned there.

Source: HRT