65 new cases of coronavirus in Croatia today (Photo montage: Damir Spehar/Marko Dimic/Srecko Niketic/Davorin Visnjic/PIXSELL) 65 new cases of coronavirus in Croatia today (Photo montage: Damir Spehar/Marko Dimic/Srecko Niketic/Davorin Visnjic/PIXSELL)

Although the number of newly infected is dropping, it is not clear whether it is a matter of fewer people being tested, or whether some of the National Civil Protection Headquarters' measures are yielding results, however there is still a large number of patients in the hospital - 310, of whom 22 are on respirators. Three patients have died. According to information received from the County Civil Protection Headquarters, the highest number of newly infected was recorded in Zagreb with 22.

“14 are contacts with people that previously tested positive for Covid-19, four of them have a negative epidemiological anamnesis, three are related to returns from vacations, and one is still being epidemiologically processed. In two elementary schools, one student and one teacher are positive for Covid-19 and I must note that these are from contacts outside the school,” said Dr. Sandra Šikić from the Andrija Štampar Institute.

Zagreb is followed by Brod-Posavina County with 15 new cases, Krapina-Zagorje County with 13 and Split-Dalmatia County with 11.

“There is an evident drop in newly infected, which is good, however we are far from relaxing. The fall is coming when people will spend more time in closed spaces as the weather gets worse and that is something that we must take most seriously. As the epidemiologists say, there is much greater danger when people return in greater numbers to closed spaces,” said Luka Brčić when explaining the situation in Split.

As far as schools are concerned, 265 students are positive for coronavirus, 2,089 of them are in self-isolation, according to the data currently available to the Ministry of Science and Education.

Istra County has adopted a decision saying that masks do not need to be worn in schools. In some schools in Zagreb, students are not wearing masks since the beginning of the school year, and in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, in as many as 20 schools, students do not need to wear masks.

In the elementary school in Đurmanec, classes are being held online because three employees are infected, and ten employees and 104 students are in isolation, said the school principal Krešimir Kralj.

“It has been found that a number of employees are infected and we will have to change from model A, face to face classes, to Model C, distance learning. We have already begun preparations, we have experience from last year so that I believe we will not have any problems in that regard,” said Kralj.

When it comes to educators, there are 95 of them in self-isolation, and 26 of them are positive for the corona virus.

Istra, Koprivnica-Križevci and Međimurje counties did not have any new cases of infection today.

Source: HRT