Interior Minister Davor Božinović (Photo: HRT) Interior Minister Davor Božinović (Photo: HRT)

Minister of Health Vili Beroš presented the latest figures at the very beginning of the news conference.

“If we look within the last 24 hours we have 70 cases of infection, which is satisfying from an epidemiological aspect. We are still in a state of linear growth,” said Beroš.

He noted that the average age of the infected is 48.02 years, 54% are male and 46% female. The percentage of patients above the age of 60 is 25%. He also pointed out that 37 people have recovered and three people have died.

Beroš expressed hope that the majority of patients will show signs of recovery.

“I hope our mutual efforts will come to this,” said the Minister of Health.

The President of the National Civil Defence Headquarters Davor Božinović said that our growth is linear which suggests that citizens are following instructions. He also touched upon the work of stores.

“The first decision is related to approval for certain specialized stores to work within markets in order to increase the capacity of supply for Croatian citizens and assist Croatian agriculture. These are stores that sell food, hygiene products, farm stores and stores that sell food for animals,” said Božinović.

He said that the Civil Defence Headquarters must pay special attention to the situation in stores especially markets.

“Once we check to see if everything is alright, and hours are in question, we will release the decision and we expect those stores to begin working,” said the Interior Minister.

He added that a second exemption will be related to stores in which construction materials are sold in the area of the city of Zagreb and in Krapina-Zagorje County in order to facilitate recovery from the recent earthquake.

“Naturally we will also demand in this that strict measures of the Croatian Public Health Institute be implemented. What we have been saying from the first day is now becoming evident, we are monitoring the situation every day and we are considering actions every day. As long as there is a linear growth we will ease measures in order to function more optimally in these emergency conditions,” said Božinović.

Source: HRT