A wipe being taken at a drive-in testing facility (Photo: Zeljko Lukunic/PIXSELL) A wipe being taken at a drive-in testing facility (Photo: Zeljko Lukunic/PIXSELL)

Out of 612 tested samples, the city of Zagreb reported 45 newly infected, among them four students - two from primary and two from secondary schools, explained the director of the Teaching Institute for Public Health Zvonimir Šostar.

“These are family contacts with previously infected people, two children in elementary and two in secondary schools, so that four classes were placed in self-isolation yesterday,” said Šostar.

So far in Zagreb eight classes have ended up in self-isolation and are currently studying at home. Among the newly infected in Zagreb, there are those who have returned from vacation and those related to night life, but epidemiologists are concerned about those who have a negative anamnesis, which means that the source of infection is unknown and there are probably people who also do not know they are infected and that they are spreaders of the virus.

There were new imported cases in Zagreb again, this time three from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“They have to increase their number of tests and in that manner, in fact, lower the possibility of infection before departure abroad. Unfortunately that is not the case and even though it has decreased, you were witnesses to the fact that we previously had between 10 and 12 newly infected imported from Bosnia each day and that number has now significantly lowered, but we still can't be satisfied and I hope the situation will improve very quickly,” said Šostar

Today, Split-Dalmatia County had 21 newly infected, and of the other counties, Primorje-Gorski Kotar had a little higher count with 16, the same number as Šibenik-Knin County, Zagreb County had 14, and Karlovac County had no new infections. There were nine newly infected people in the area of Bjelovar-Bilogora County, and due to an infected student, another class is going into self-isolation, the third in that area.

People that died were from Split, Zagreb, Virovitica, Osijek, and a man from Rijeka who was 78 years old. The number of active cases is currently 2410, among them 309 people are in the hospital, and 22 are on respirators.

We add at the end that 18 members of the Moroccan national futsal team who were in Poreč, left the country from Pula today on a special charter flight.

A futsal tournament was organized here in Poreč, the national futsal team from Morocco came by plane to Zagreb and then by bus to Istra. Immediately upon their arrival within 48 hours they developed symptoms. That means they came infected, first one, then a second and third within three days were positive. Yesterday wipes were taken from the rest of the people on the team which numbers 23 people, and they all tested negative,” said the Head of the County Civil Protection Headquarters Dino Kozlevac.

All 18 negative members of the Moroccan national team flew from Pula, and the other positive ones will go to Morocco tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and continue their treatment there. Representatives of the other two national teams, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina, did not show any problems.

Source: HRT