1,867 new coronavirus cases in Croatia (Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL) 1,867 new coronavirus cases in Croatia (Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL)

The National Civil Protection Headquarters reported that the current number of active cases in Croatia is 8,394. In the past 24 hours, 7,313 people were tested. Among the patients, 716 patients are in hospital and 49 are on respirators.

As the growth trend of newly infected people continues, Zagreb still leads in the number of new cases, reported the head of the city's Health Office, Vjekoslav Jeleč.

“We continue to have a poor epidemiological situation, during yesterday's day, in the city of Zagreb 580 people were confirmed to be positive for Covid-19,” said jeleč.

With 211 new cases, Split-Dalmatia County also set a new record.

“People that have been working for months are too tired and a portion of people are out of action, so that as far as personnel are concerned, we will definitely not resolve this issue without assistance from the National Headquarters or the responsible Ministry. Llogistics are not a problem but medical personnel, meaning doctors, nurses and caregivers, are a problem,” said Luka Brčić, the head of the County Civil Protection Headquarters.

There was also a new record in Osijek-Baranja County - 131 newly infected people. Three people died in the last 24 hours in the Osijek hospital, and the number of patients on respirators is growing, said the deputy director of the Osijek Clinical Hospital Centre, Krunoslav Šego.

“66 patients are at the Osijek hospital, of those, nine patients are at this moment on respirators. The number of patients on respirators is increasing and for us that is the main indicator that the epidemiological picture is worsening,” said Šego.

The director of the Institute of Public Health in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Vladimir Mićović, mentioned a significant growth of patients in that county.

“Today we had 102 newly infected people, meaning a triple digit number and exponential growth here in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. This mainly pertains to the working population,” said Mićović.

Although so far it has been known as a green zone, there are almost 50 new patients in Istra County.

“Today the situation is similar to yesterday, we have 46 newly infected until now and all are mainly imported cases or contacts of previously infected people. This is primarily related to the Rijeka area, where one event in a club is in question where there were more than 100 people present and that is the main source of infection,” said the head of the County Civil Protection Headquarters Dino Kozlevac.

“At this moment, the antigen testing is becoming a kind of standard, scientists are aware that a negative result can happen,” said Dr. Dragan Primorac.

“We know that those tests are optimal if it's the fourth day following the appearance of symptoms and similar, but you can always combine a number of methodologies. In the end our only interest is to obtain the truth, so that we can act as soon as possible, for those who need to be in self-isolation to be there, for those who don't need to be in self isolation to not be, for life to go on,” said Primorac.

Epidemiologists are again warning about adherence to measures, noting that with the arrival of colder weather, the conditions for the spread of the virus will be more favorable.

Source: HRT