New record in coronavirus cases – 1,593 (Photo: HRT) New record in coronavirus cases – 1,593 (Photo: HRT)

Today, the City of Zagreb had over 700 newly infected and according to the Deputy Director of the Institute of Public Health Sandra Šikić, the situation in Zagreb is not good.

“The situation is very serious and a change in strategy should be considered, meaning monitoring epidemiological actions, and again we call upon citizens for the utmost seriousness and to adhere to measures,” said Šikić.

The assistant director and head nurse of the Teaching Institute of Public Health, Cecilija Rotim, says that the situation is such that every day there are more and more positive people, more and more people in self-isolation, and that it is very difficult for them to communicate with all contacts. The Department of Microbiology works on swabs taken during the day until 4 or 5 in the morning, and the Department of Epidemiology tries to contact all those that test positive, all in self-isolation and all contacts.

“I don't know how long we'll be able to work under this tempo. Colleagues work 13 or 14 hours a day, we have reorganized ourselves and everyone is working on this current situation in the city of Zagreb, we give everything of ourselves and we apologize in advance to our citizens if we didn't manage to contact them on time, but we also appeal to them to adhere to those measures, if they received a positive test result to stay home and not go anywhere,” said Rotim.

The coordinator for hospital treatment of Covid-19 at the Dubrava Hospital Ivica Lukšić said that the hospital is being filled with patients that have more severe symptoms.

“We have a continuous flow of newly infected, and what is important to emphasize is that they have more and more severe clinical pictures. The flow of new patients in the past days is more prominent and the capacities we had until yesterday are no longer enough, so we added additional beds and staff in the emergency ward,” said Lukšić.

By counties, Osijek-Baranja County has the most with 125 newly infected. Zagreb County has 111 newly infected, Krapina-Zagorje County has - 86, in that county there is a large number of unprocessed samples - 700, and they are significantly being slowed by the overwhelming numbers being sent to the Dr. Fran Mihaljević Clinic in Zagreb where they also send their samples. “Some people are still waiting from October 19th,” said the head of the County Headquarters Anđelko Ferek Jambrek.

“That is not only a problem for us, it is a problem for Koprivnica and others that send their samples there. It is a problem for the entire country because epidemiologists receive results after two days and those that have tested positive are not the problem, because people that have been tested are in self-isolation, while their contacts are walking around until they receive notice,” said Ferek Jambrek.

“In Istra County, after a series of good days, today again there was a larger number - 41 new patients. Most of them were imported because all around Istra the situation is not good and so infected people come to them” said the head of the County Headquarters Dino Kozlevac.

“Mobility should be halted to only include work, for health reasons and exceptionally justified reasons, everything else can wait: parties, events, weddings. There will be better times for that,” said Kozlevac.  

Otherwise, there are currently 7,380 active coronavirus cases in Croatia, of which 661 are in the hospital and 46 are on respirators.

Source: HRT