Coronavirus testing (Photo: Illustration/Davor Puklavec/Pixsell) Coronavirus testing (Photo: Illustration/Davor Puklavec/Pixsell)

The poor epidemiological situation continues. As of yesterday there were 2,234 newly infected people, contributing to a significant weekly increase in the spread of the infection.

“In the past seven days we have a total of 12,749 newly infected people, which in comparison to the previous seven days is a growth of 40 percent,” said Epidemiologist from the Croatian Institute of Public Health Iva Pem Novosel.

The total number of people suffering from coronavirus grew to more than 13,700 today. 1,469 people are being treated in hospitals, 199 as of yesterday. A particular cause for concern is the almost twofold increase in the number of deaths:

“In the past seven days there were 173 deaths of people with Covid-19, in comparison to 81 deaths seven days earlier, which is a growth of 89 or almost 90% in only seven days,” said Novosel. 

On the eve of Easter, the Croatian Institute of Public Health has reminded of the need to respect protective measures, so that we don't have a more difficult situation after the Holiday.

“I can't say that it is expected for the situation to worsen, but it will surely not improve. In any case if such growth continues and if the hospitals continue to fill up, we will seriously consider the possibility of reinstating certain measures from November 11th, which nobody likes to think about,” said the Director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak.

In smaller cities, testing only begins again on Tuesday. Among other things, those who feel ill are advised to go to an emergency infectology clinic, as well as to stay home in isolation if they feel the symptoms of Covid-19 infection, until Covid-19 can be ruled out.

Source: HRT