A mural depicting Josip Markić (Photo: Dusko Jaramaz/PIXSELL) A mural depicting Josip Markić (Photo: Dusko Jaramaz/PIXSELL)

Attending ceremonies to rename the facility were members of his family, brothers in arms, high ranking officials and the Minister of Defence.

Josip Markić, a Croatian volunteer from August 1991, was mortally wounded during a severe firefight during operation "Summer 95" on August 3rd.

"He is a legend from the 4th Brigade reconnaissance company and the entire brigade," said the commander of the company Tonči Karaman.

“He almost never took advantage of the authority gained from his service and rank. Every soldier he stood beside, simply felt and saw a brother, friend, colleague and leader. I would like to tell you young soldiers to learn, work, train and develop your military skills, use the experience of others, but in combat spirit, character and love for the Homeland, freely copy Josip and people like him,” Karaman told younger soldiers present.

At the entrance to this second biggest military training ground in Croatia, a mural dedicated to Josip Markić and sign with the new name of the base were uncovered today by members of Josip's family.

Source: HRT