President Zoran Milanović at the Zagreb Police Academy (Photo: HRT) President Zoran Milanović at the Zagreb Police Academy (Photo: HRT)

The President and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Zoran Milanović said during the ceremony that operation storm was a victory without any stains.

“You won the war, we won it all together, but firstly those that carried arms, the war is over,” said President Milanović when addressing the wartime commanders.

He recalled that after the war there were attempts to portray it as a joint criminal enterprise at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague.

“That failed as an intent, we also had luck that not a single one of our generals was smeared and in the end none were convicted for that joint criminal enterprise, which was one of the more stupid and ugly fabrications that was attempted to be placed on Croatia's back,” said Milanović.

“I am glad that I can present decorations to you and to brigades from Bosnia and Herzegovina that liberated the Republic of Croatia and saved Bihać, but to be clear, firstly Croatia. That is our debt of honor and my debt of honor towards you and them,” said President Milanović when decorating the first Croatian Police Unit and units from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: HRT