Procession in Škabrnja (Photo: Dino Stanin/PIXSELL) Procession in Škabrnja (Photo: Dino Stanin/PIXSELL)

Most of the killings were committed by Serb paramilitary troops which used armored JNA units as cover while fighting their way into Škabrnja on November 18th. The initial attacking employed a human shield of captured Croatian civilians forced to walk in front of the armored vehicles.

The majority of Škabrnja’s civilian population had fled, while some 130 were captured by the JNA and detained in the village school and kindergarten. Others who took shelter in basements were summarily executed on the spot. Most of the bodies were buried in a mass grave in Škabrnja.

Marko Miljanić was the commander of Škabrnja’s defenses. "The number of people who come gets bigger each year, which means that the Croatian people have not forgotten Škabrnja. However sad I may feel today, I am even more upset by the fact that to this day no one has answered for the crimes committed here, and I'm afraid that no one ever will."

Source: HRT