1,649 new coronavirus cases in Croatia in the last 24 hours (Photo: Antonio Bronic/REUTERS) 1,649 new coronavirus cases in Croatia in the last 24 hours (Photo: Antonio Bronic/REUTERS)

After yesterday's test run of mass vaccinations, which had a low turnout, today the vaccination of 1,500 citizens was planned in Zagreb, but it seems that many declined the vaccination once again, it has been confirmed that around 600 people were vaccinated by noon, although 3,000 received calls. One of the reasons could be that vaccination is being conducted with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Citizens cannot choose which vaccine they will receive, and the director of the Institute of Public Health Zvonimir Šostar, hopes that we will not have the same scenario as Serbia where, despite large quantities of vaccines, people do not want to be vaccinate.

“I'm telling them to choose between life and death. Let's not forget that in England 18 million people have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca and seven cases of death can be connected to vaccination itself. In Croatia, out of four million inhabitants, more than 6,100 people have already died from Covid-19. When you compare these numbers I think they tell you everything;” said Šostar.  

30,000 doses of vaccine are available in Zagreb. Tomorrow and Friday, the plan is to vaccinate 3,000 people, and as of Monday, 5,000 each day.

AstraZeneca's vaccine was the topic of a meeting ahead of the inner government cabinet meeting, confirmed Prime Minister Andrej Plenković.  

“A video conference of European Union health ministers was called at which Minister Beroš will be taking part. In my opinion it is most important that there is a consolidated position of member states, whatever the EMA's recommendation is. At this moment I don't know what it is. It is most important that there are no differing practices, because differing practices diminish the reputation of the vaccine in any case. Unfortunately that already happened with AstraZeneca from the start,” said Plenković.

And while discussions about the vaccine are taking place, the head of the crisis headquarters of the Covid-19 hospital in Dubrava, Bruno Baršić, warned that more and more young people are being hospitalized.

“The population born in the 50's and 60's are now dominating, but now we have more and more of those from the 70's and 80's, meaning people above the age of 40. We have a boy aged 23 on a respirator, and a young woman on an ECMO machine aged 34;” said Baršić.

There is growing pressure on other hospitals as well - today 1,750 people are in the hospital, 160 of whom are on respirators.

Source: HRT