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Problems in the media sector and pressure on journalists have been increasing for years across the world and have been exacerbated by the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, the SNH said in a statement.

It noted that work from home was threatening to become a permanent informal and insecure form of work for journalists, restricting their working and professional rights.

The Croatian media sector is facing a series of problems - a media strategy that has been talked about for years has not been adopted yet and the existing legislation is full of shortcomings and needs to be made more specific to ensure the role of the media in a democratic society and prevent political control, the statement said, citing the Media Act and the Croatian Radio and Television Act.

Maja Sever, president of the Trade Union of Croatian Journalists, described journalists as "perhaps the only people keeping the Croatian government and politicians in check."

Sever added that journalism was there to serve the citizens, not politicians. "This is why it is so important and why it is in the public interest," she said.

Source: HRT