Health Minister Vili Beroš (Photo: Milan Sabic/PIXSELL) Health Minister Vili Beroš (Photo: Milan Sabic/PIXSELL)

“We will continue to monitor the situation and if it escalates, if the number of infections increases, we will have to do something. Before an outright ban, we have the possibility of limiting the number of people at weddings, but I sincerely hope that this will not happen, Minister Beroš told Hina on Tuesday.

Croatia has seen an increase in cases since mid-June, but then most of the infections were being imported from abroad. Now, large family gatherings appear to account for several major clusters of cases, prompting authorities to consider putting some kind of restrictions on these events.

He again tried to underscore that the virus would not spread if people adhered to the recommended prevention measures.

He added that public health authorities do not want to be restrictive, but, as in the case of nightclubs, they want to start with softer measures, and if they do not work, something more restrictive will have to be done.