(Photo: HRT) (Photo: HRT)

Beroš said he would speak with county prefects on Tuesday to discuss the escalating situation. In an interview with RTL television, he again urged the public to be more responsible.

"Tuesday is an important day, when all of us at the national level will talk again with county prefects. It will be an opportunity for the national, local and regional governments to hold constructive talks and address all the problems," Beroš said.

Asked if that meant they would be discussing new restrictions, Beroš declined to answer, saying that every opportunity to discuss the issues was a good thing.

Addressing the criticism that the national coronavirus task force has received from some members of the public who claim they are too harsh and are hurting businesses, Beroš said that many experts do believe milder restrictions are effective but they only work if everyone complies with them.

"We can impose stricter measures, but if people won't wear masks and continue to socialize at private gatherings…Every day is an opportunity to do the responsible thing," Beroš said.

Asked if it was realistic for a vaccine to be in Croatia by Christmas, Beros said, "We joined all of the European initiatives for procuring vaccines from various manufacturers early on. As a country, we have done everything we can. Now it's all up to the manufacturers."