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“Last weekend, 73 Croats from Dubai returned to Croatia to be repatriated. They landed at Zagreb Airport and among the 122 European citizens the biggest number was from Croatia,” said Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlić Radman, adding that the other passengers were citizens of Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary.

This week, a fifth convoy with 100 Croats from Northern Macedonia will arrive in Croatia, while 72 have already returned home from that country.

Through coordination of the Croatian embassies in Berlin, Vienna and Ljubljana, the return of 55 more Croats was organized. The return of 38 Croatian nationals from Morocco was enabled, 23 from Tunisia, 11 from New Zealand, 10 from South Africa, 7 from the Russian Federation, 3 from Saudi Arabia, 2 from Senegal and 2 from Gabon.

“All those who wish to return to Croatia are welcome,” said Minister Gordan Grlić Radman.

From the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, about 1900 Croats have been repatriated, of which more than 900 have been returned home from third countries. In addition to repatriating its citizens, Croatia is also sending aid to the Western Balkan countries. Croatia has sent 1,200,000 kuna in aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro for humanitarian assistance to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

"In this way, we strengthen friendship and cooperation," said the minister.

“These countries of the Western Balkans will be sent protective masks, tents, blankets, bed pads and sleeping bags,” concluded Grlić Radman.

Source: HRT