Police program for tourist season (Screenshot: HRT) Police program for tourist season (Screenshot: HRT)

The program features police officers from those countries that traditionally have the most tourists visiting Croatia each year being partnered with a Croatian police officer. The goal is to help their domestic counterparts communicate with foreign guests. Police officers from Slovakia, Slovenia and Germany were presented to journalists at the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Police Administration Office in Rijeka on Thursday.

Officer Marijana Kobas from the German region of Bavaria: "In this short time I have noticed that this has a very good effect on tourists, because when they see us, the come over and ask why we're here. They say that's is a very reassuring feeling to see a familiar uniform."

Officer Roman Hajek from Slovakia: "I've had a few minor interventions, lost documents and a minor road accident. Also people are asking about border crossing procedures given the coronavirus situation."

Source: HRT