St. Mark's Square in Zagreb the morning after a shooting took place the previous day (Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL) St. Mark's Square in Zagreb the morning after a shooting took place the previous day (Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL)

The wounded police officer is conscious and his condition is stable, police are continuing to investigate the motives of the 22-year-old who shot him and then committed suicide.

Two rifles with a silencer and almost one thousand two hundred pieces of varying ammunition were found in his family house near Kutina, for which the attacker's father was arrested, and then later released.

It should be recalled that not long ago an illegal weapon was used in a triple murder in Split. Police claim that they confiscate such weapons almost every day.

“Just this year 2,542 firearms were gathered by police in the drive, of that 135 were automatic weapons. That is only for the first nine months this year and we are aware of that problem,” said Chief Police Director Nikola Milina.

St. Mark's Square was under a special regime as of this morning. In a road leading to the square police are stopping and controlling vehicles and checking driver's documents, while on the square itself a police tent has been erected where people that work in the government or parliament enter.

“We announced that the regime on St. Mark's Square would be improved in terms of security. I can say that I have never seen such situations of exposure of the most important state institutions in European Union countries or in the region,” said Director Milina.

Milina added that there were no indicators that the attack would happen nor did anyone see the attacker approaching with a weapon.

Security expert Vlatko Cvrtila believes that it is difficult to reconstruct the motives of the attacker and that such events are unstoppable.  

“Even through posts on Facebook where certain intentions can eventually be seen or evaluated, and then prepare and raise the level of security, the level of control or something similar, in order to prevent such an event, unfortunately, such events actually unstoppable,” said Cvrtila.

Cvrtila added that complete security cannot be achieved regardless of what measures are being implemented.

As far as the status of the 31 year old police officer who was shot is concerned, he is conscious and in stable condition.

“You can communicate with him normally, he is conscious, he feels well. For now we are satisfied with the progress of his recovery,” said Dr. Zvonimir Puljiz from the Sisters of Mercy hospital in Zagreb.

Source: HRT