(Photo: Sandra Simunovic/PIXSELL) (Photo: Sandra Simunovic/PIXSELL)

Croatia will receive the advance payment in the next few days, which is the highest ever paid out of the Solidarity Fund. The European Commission must still complete its analysis of the aid request submitted by the Croatian authorities and propose a final amount to be approved by the European Parliament and the European Council.

Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, released the following statement:

"Croatia and its capital city have suffered one of the most severe natural disasters in more than a century, causing heavy damage and disruption. In addition, it happened at a moment when the population was already suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown. Today's decision seeks to alleviate the heavy burden that the country bears and to once again demonstrate EU solidarity in such difficult times."

In July, Prime MInister Andrej Plenković announced that the country expected to receive around 500 million euros in total aid.

The EU Solidarity Fund was established in 2002 as a form of financial support to EU member states after severe natural disasters. The Fund has been used for 88 disasters, covering a range of catastrophic events including floods, forest fires, earthquakes, storms and drought.

Source: HINA