Delnice has 162 cm of snow and more is expected to fall this week (Goran Kovacic/PIXSELL) Delnice has 162 cm of snow and more is expected to fall this week (Goran Kovacic/PIXSELL)

The lowest temperatures this morning were recorded in Delnice, minus 14 degrees Celsius, followed by Bjelovar, Varaždin and Zagreb, all measuring minus 11. The mercury in the northern coastal town of Poreč dipped to minus 7, one degree colder than in Rijeka. Further down the coast, Šibenik was at minus 2 degrees. The only part of the country where temperatures were above zero today was the far south. In Dubrovnik, it was plus 1 degree.

The Gorski Kotar town of Delnice has 162 centimeters of snow and more of it is coming down. The army has been dispatched to help with snow clearing efforts. There are around 400 soldiers currently assisting in Gospić, Korenica, Karlovac and Delnice and another 1,000 soldiers on standby. Schools are closed in the wider Delnice area and it is unclear when classes will resume. HRT has learned that INA has offered to donate fuel to keep snowploughs in Delnice running around the clock. Only Zavižan in the Northern Velebit area has more snow, 230 cm. The snowpack in Ogulin stands at 93 cm, 40 cm in Karlovac and 19 cm in Zagreb. Authorities in Karlovac have decided to keep the city’s heating grid running around the clock to keep temperatures in homes from fluctuating. Given the high snowpack, Karlovac and its neighboring counties have also started to discuss how to prepare for the possibility of flooding should temperatures rise quickly over the next few weeks.

The Croatian Public Health Bureau has issued a warning to people with chronic illnesses, the elderly and the parents of young children to avoid going outdoors in the early morning and late evening. If they do venture out, the advice is to bundle up!

Temperatures are expected to dip even lower over the next few days. Major cities are organizing shelters to ensure the homeless have a place to stay overnight.

Traffic restrictions are in effect for freight vehicles along the A1 and the A6 highways. Drivers are being urged to postpone the journeys, if possible.