(Photo collage: HRT) (Photo collage: HRT)

The highest number of new cases is in Split-Dalmatia County - 30, followed by the City of Zagreb with 18 newly infected, two of whom came from abroad, and some of them are associated with nightclubs and vacations.

Dr. Željka Karin, the director of the Split-Dalmatia County Public Health Institute, warned once again that youth entertainment and nightclubs are still a problem.

“Almost half of the infected are of a younger age, we practically don't have any older people, they are all in their middle ages, however this half of a younger age cause concern, because it is evident that the virus is spreading among that population. Naturally they go, which is normal, it's summer, and we have a big influx of tourists, domestic tourists and foreigners in our county. Once again we recommend that the youth do not socialize in these closed spaces, closed nightclubs are a problem for us. Naturally they will have fun, naturally they will socialize, but let them protect themselves, let them adhere to epidemiological measures and stay away from closed spaces, because we see an increased number of infected coming from there,” said Karin.

Source: HRT