(Photo: Igor Soban/PIXSELL) (Photo: Igor Soban/PIXSELL)

The level and nature of tourism that Croatia will have this summer will depend on the travel protocol at the European level. The fact is that, for now, there is no indication that EU countries will have the same epidemiological situation moving forward and be in a position to open national borders to tourism, explained the minister.

For example, Germany intends to open its borders to tourists in mid-June. The French, on the other hand, hope to do so sooner. This plan also foresees EU citizens foregoing the mandatory 14-day isolation period.

Minister Cappelli said continuous discussions were being held with EU member states regarding a coordinated effort to open borders for tourists. 

“We are seriously discussing and planning on opening the borders. We are in frequent contact with certain countries and our goal is to form a common protocol for all of us as one big family. We are aware that, for example, countries like ours, Slovenia, and Austria, are in a better epidemiological situation and it is therefore logical that we can negotiate an earlier opening with these countries,” the minister explained.

We will certainly open our borders with Slovenia, he said, it is only a question of whether it will happen sooner or later.

“We are working on the details and I am convinced that we will open the borders with Slovenia by June 1. We are also negotiating with the Czechs and the Austrians. We hope that we can reach an agreement with these other countries by June 15,” said the minister.

Cappelli concluded that the world was in a unique situation and would have to adapt to a new way of life until a vaccine can be found. He said people must be aware of the changes and that those who wish to travel must be aware of this new reality.

Source: HRT