Stjepan Radić (right) (Screenshot: HRT) Stjepan Radić (right) (Screenshot: HRT)

Stjepan Radić founded the Peasant Party in December of 1904. He succeeded in transforming Croatian peasantry into a serious political factor. Throughout his entire life he opposed Serb hegemony in Yugoslavia. He was shot in parliament by Serbian radical politician Puniša Račić and died several weeks later as a result of his wounds at the age of 57.

A delegation from the Peasant Party led by party chairman Krešo Beljak visited Radić’s grave in Mirogoj cemetery in Zagreb on Wednesday to pay their respects to this historic Croatian politician.

Speaking on the anniversary of Radić’s death academic Zvonko Kusić said that he was one of the most important figures in Croatian history, as he was the first politician to receive the support of a majority of Croatians on the basis of his ideas and program, allowing him to continue the fight for Croatian independence and statehood.

Source: HRT