Minister of Health Vili Beroš (Photo: HRT) Minister of Health Vili Beroš (Photo: HRT)

Current issues related to coronavirus in Croatia and the activities of the civil protection headquarters were topics of discussion at today's government cabinet session.

According to the latest data, 753 coronavirus cases are still active in Croatia, 132 people are in hospital, and eight patients are on respirators, said Minister of Health Vili Beroš at the cabinet session.

“In the last week there was a total of 464 newly infected people. 16 people have died of whom four were on respirators,” said Beroš.

He also announced where the hotspots are.

“In the continental part of Croatia there are still cases related to the wedding in Ivankovo and a new hotspot appeared at a wedding in Našice. In the coastal area a new hotspot is related to a wedding near Sinj,” said the Minister.

Minister of the Interior and Head of the Civil Protection Headquarters, Davor Božinović, pointed out that the headquarters had not adopted any new measures related to gatherings in the past week. The implementation of the prescribed measures is supervised by local headquarters, and their teams include a civil protection inspector and a police officer. Irregularities were found in about 3.5% of supervised business entities, public spaces, gathering places and nightclubs.

“The violations are most often regarding a lack of protective equipment, failure to put up information sheets regarding general hygiene measures and measures of physical distancing, adhering to measures that limit numbers of participants and keeping a written registry of participants, failure to adhere to instructions on serving of food and order of sitting,” said Božinović.

More than 3 million people registered their arrival in Croatia on the Interior Ministry's “enter Croatia” website, added Božinović.

“Of that, 2,636,359 are tourists. In the last 24 hours 100,713 tourists have entered the Republic of Croatia, most of them are passengers from Slovenia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria.

The government cabinet has accepted the draft agreement of the European Commission on the procurement of coronavirus vaccines.

“Entering into this agreement the Republic of Croatia confirms its intent to buy the vaccine, and gains the right to acquire a certain amount of the vaccine, which is only exercised when signing an agreement with a producer of the vaccine, for a price that was negotiated by the European Commission in the name of participating countries,” said Minister of Health Beroš.

Croatia recently signed a preliminary contract for 1.5 million doses of vaccine as part of the European Commission's initiative, and Minister Beroš points out that the price of this vaccine is not yet known, but that it is not important.

Source: HRT