Former Dinamo director Zdravko Mamić (Photo: STR-2222/PIXSELL) Former Dinamo director Zdravko Mamić (Photo: STR-2222/PIXSELL)

The court determined that Mamić is citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina and that the extradition agreement between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina does not provide for extradition in this case, according to Mamić’s lawyer Zdravko Rajic. Acting on a Croatian arrest warrant, the court did take away Mamić's Bosnian passport and ordered him not to leave the country.

Mamić, who is appealing his conviction and faces more charges in Croatia, insists Croatian authorities are pursuing him for political reasons.

“I understand that the regime in Croatia is after me for political reasons. It's a show trial, but I don't understand why you reporters aren't looking into that. My goal is to ensure that the trail, for all the defendants in the case, doesn't take place in Osijek, because that's a corrupt court, whose rulings are under order of the State Prosecutors Office, which is being blackmailed by the intelligence services,” Mamić told reporters in Sarajevo.

Mamić denies any wrongdoing. He and two other former club executives were convicted of embezzling around 18 million euros in transfer fees the club received and of evading about 2 million more in taxes.  Mamić was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison, but fled to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he holds dual citizenship, the night before the verdict was announced.