New coronavirus cases on Friday matched the peak number recorded in April during full lockdown (Photo: HRT) New coronavirus cases on Friday matched the peak number recorded in April during full lockdown (Photo: HRT)

Hospitals around the country are treating 88 patients for the virus, four of whom are on ventilators, public health officials said on Friday.

The largest number of new cases is in Slavonia, where the latest hotspot is Požega. Požega-Slavonia County has 25 new cases, all of them contacts of two people who recently returned from Germany. The virus has made its way into the county hospital in Požega, where two doctors and two nurses have tested positive for the virus.

"All four had been in contact with a patient that came in for some tests and during triage at the time there was no reason to suspect she may be infected. She did not mention any possible contact with infected persons," said Dr. Željko Glavić, the chief administrator of the County General Hospital in Požega.

Osijek-Baranja County reported 12 new cases and Brod-Posavina County 5 new cases.

"We have 6 new cases in Osijek, 4 in Đakovo, 2 in the Dalj area. All together, we have 209 active cases, all from the last 10 days. Twenty-seven people are being treated at the hospital in Osijek,” said Goran Ivanović, the head of the coronavirus response task force for Osijek-Baranja County.

Zagreb reported 25 new coronavirus cases on Friday. The capital has been averaging around 20 new cases per day for the past week. The largest single source of the infections appears to be nightclubs.

"Of the 25 new patients, the likely source of infection is a nightclub in 8 cases. In five cases, the epidemiological history is unclear. Ten are contacts of other infected individuals. One case was imported from Serbia and for another the diagnosis is still unclear," said Zvonimir Šoštar from the Dr. Andrija Štampar Teaching Institute for Public Health.

Šoštar urged reporters not to describe the capital as a coronavirus hotspot, arguing that the numbers were still very low for a city of 800 thousand residents and a heavy flow of people passing through.

The last time Croatia reported 96 cases was in early April when the country was in full lockdown. It was the highest daily total of new cases since the pandemic began and that peak was matched on Friday.